The game is very simple. The player is provided with candies of different colors all over. Matching three or more candies of same color (as shown below) makes them disappear and a player earns points. There are only certain numbers of moves provided and within those moves, a player must reach a certain score to move on to next round. The extra moves are sometimes rewarded as bonuses. Using our candy crush saga cheats tool you can get unlimited moves.
As a player cross levels, his objectives keep on getting more difficult. Sometimes, the player is supposed to break a single jelly and the other times there are multiple jellies. In some levels, the moves are very few and in some levels the candies are scattered very far. The higher level a player reach, the more power-ups he is able to unlock. So, reaching high levels is always more fun and obviously challenging.
Players must reach a minimum score to clear a level. And somehow if they don’t, they can replay the game and try to reach the score. There are more than 35 levels which you can explore for free. If you want more, you have to pay. But the payment is worth is , because a lot of levels can be unlocked after paying. Thus, you will never run out of the levels in this game. Though, the Goal is same in every level; every level is somehow different. Some have automatic power-ups, some have very few score to be achieved, some come as a bonus and some offer a lot of bonuses. Candy crush saga free lives can be obtained using our free candy crush saga cheats tool.

Overall, the game is really great. Believe me even if you want to play it for few levels, you certainly end up playing a lot. The game is one of the most addictive games I have come across. Definitely a must try once game!




Our Candy Crush Saga Cheats allow you to add the following:
• Add 4 or 8 Jelly Fish
• Add 9 or 14 Extra Moves
• Add 15 or 25 Colour Bombs
• Add 15 or 25 Lollipop Hammers
• Add 50 – 250 Striped & Wrapped Candies
• Upto 999 Lives Also in game you will be able to “pause time” if needed.